Monday, May 19, 2014


Looking for some red fabric last week, I found these quilt blocks - never finished from 2001!!  Oh dear!!  Counted all the blocks and sure enough, they were all there.  The pattern is called Confusion by Debbie Bowles from Maple Island Quilts.  Easy and fun!!

The blocks were sewn oversized and then trimmed to 6.5" by randomly placing the squaring ruler at various angles - creating the Wonky look.  All the trimmings were saved and will be sewn into a free form border.

The designer suggests a setting design but I tweaked it a little.  Instead of 6 across x 10 down, I did 8 x 8 since there were some extra blocks.  The border is being sewn onto muslin to stabilize it.

I'm planning on doing a black inner border (not this wide) and then a black binding.  I hope this quilt will make some youngster smile!!
Happy Stitching,