Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day - part 2

Don't know what happened, but here I am with the rest of my pictures...Here is the "sewing" that I am doing.  I am fortunate to have some wonderful peeps who gifted me with a Petit Four of Fig Tree fabrics.  I am making a sewing machine cover with them.
The top half will be the front, the bottom half will be the back.  Now to make the sides and top - I'll use the same brown polka dot fabric for those 3 parts.

Here is my stitching - something new for me was using Press 'n Seal to trace the pattern and then to stitch right through the film.  Once the stitching is done, you carefully pull away or cut away the film.  This will either be a wall hanging or a pillow.

Hope you all are enjoying the day - the official start to summer - but also a day to remember the men and women who have protected us from harm.  God Bless America!

Happy Memorial Day

We now have a beautiful sunny day and I'm taking it easy today.  We're going out to dinner with neighbors so my "rest" will extend through dinner.  My kind of day!!

I took this opportunity to take a picture of our flowering crab (?) tree in the garden.  I hope you can see the treed lot in the background.  We don't get much sun so we need to plant accordingly.  The tree is our big spot of color in the spring.

On the inside, I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing my studio - it's a BEFORE picture.  Who know's when the AFTER picture will be taken.  Believe it or not, I am doing some sewing and stitching.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Somehow I was able to post yesterday's post.  Thanks to my tutors, MB and Barb!  So, I'll try again.  It turned out to be a pretty day after a terrific rainstorm early this morning.  Warm for up here - upper 70's and a tad humid.

I tackled my sewing room today and I have one corner organized (LOL).  Lots more to go before a picture is taken.  I'm torn between unpacking other rooms or working in my studio.  I decided to reward myself and work on something I liked to do.

I wasn't very happy with the picture I posted yesterday - it didn't post the entire picture - the left and bottom sides are missing.  Something else to learn about.  I'll try another one today - again, an older quilt, but one that I really like.  I made this one in 2007 - "Barn Raising Log Cabin".  I taught a class at Quilter's General Store here in Gaylord (the owner has since retired and the store is closed but Delphine's Quilt Shop has opened and carried on and expanded from Sharon's beginning).  My class was described as how to make a Log Cabin Quilt that had "perfect" blocks - all the same size.  I taught 2 methods, one way with trimming after each round and one way by paper piecing.  My first attempt at a log cabin back in '87 resulted in a difference of 1 to 1.5" between each block.  It has since been cut apart and made into a tote!!  So, here is my Log Cabin (method 1):

Enjoy your day!  Hope to get this posted - fingers crossed...

Judy (in the Birds)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My First Blog

Hello Everyone!  This is my first attempt to blog so please be patient with me.  I love to read other blogs and I an so inspired by the creativity of my fellow quilters.  I need to keep a notebook of all the ideas I have but I also need to live to be 200 to accomplish them all.

I recently moved from Rochester, Michigan to our "old" home in Gaylord, Michigan.  Needless to say, we arrived with more boxes than we left with.  I think my fabric multiplied while we lived in the suburbs but all of it is very precious to me.  While packing, I would see fat quarters that I hadn't seen in years and each piece reminded me of a friend or an experience that led me to purchase that bit of cotton.  So, until the rest of the house is unpacked and settled, my quilting supplies will continue to rest in their comfy boxes.  Ah, but I miss those hours of stitching and can't wait to get my seam ripper all fired up.

We live about 200 miles north of Detroit, 50 miles or so south of the Mackinaw Bridge, 60 miles east of Traverse City, halfway between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, and about 40 minutes southeast of Petoskey.  We live in "God's Country" and in the midst of the Golf Mecca.  There are so many golf courses near here but almost as many quilt shops.  Well, not quite, but we have some wonderful shops up here.

I need to take some pictures so enhance my post but not today.  Instead, I'll post a quilt that I made in 2009 that I am particularly proud of. 

I took a workshop with Katie Pasquini Masopust.  I can't believe that I really made this and each time I look at it, I find myself looking at the layers and shadows.  I call it "Ghost Layers" which is the name of Katie's book (Ghost Layers and Color Washes).