Sunday, September 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday

It has been a very long time since my last post, but if anyone is still checking in on me, here is what I have accomplished recently -

A little wall hanging for a very dear friend.  I was a tad late to the stacked bowl party - I actually discovered them after the quilt-along was over, BUT, when I did see them I quickly sent away for the pattern and got out my bright fabrics.  A few days later I had it finished.  The size is approximately 9" wide by 24" long.

Closer view of the top

Note the back "hanger" - 2 triangles sewn in by the binding which will hold a thin dowel.  I discovered this method via the AAQI.  (Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative)

Another project is "All Around the Neighborhood" which will be offered as a "Block Club" at Delphine's Quilt Store.  I teach quilting there and this quilt is great fun and a great teaching tool for many quilting basics.  So far our neighborhood has a cabin, a larger home, a church, and a few evergreen trees.  More buildings are expected to be finished this week.


Check out the other design walls at Judy L's blog.  Hope to see you here again next week.

Keep on Sewing,

Judy in Michigan



  1. Welcome back Judy. LOVE your bowls! And how slick is that triangle trick for small quilts and wall hangings!
    Can't wait to see more of the Neighborhood.

  2. The bowls look just wonderful! I've used that triangle trick a couple of times myself--it is a great idea. Your village is coming along--that blue background is nice for the trees.

  3. Love the bowls. Is it a pattern? or an Original?

    1. The pattern came from Regina Grewe in Germany. Go to to see all her patterns. The patterns are sent via email as a PDF file. Very easy / very reasonable.

  4. each bowl is so pretty. great finished project.

  5. Still love your bowls - and guess they made it to the recipient? Will check out your link to the village pattern.

  6. ohhh the bowls are wonderful - I bet she'll love them!

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