Monday, April 22, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I am happy to report that I have made some progress on my projects - a birthday gift finished and sent to one of my BQFF (Best Quilt Friend Forever)...

(the picture was taken on the carpet)

The pattern is a Buttermilk Basin BOM pattern done in wool.  It is about 12" square with the center square measuring 8".  Happy Birthday Barb!!

I also finished the top that was on my design wall last Monday (sorry, it didn't get posted) but now you will get the full effect.  It's a scrappy baby quilt (42" square) made from a McCall's Quilting pattern called Baubles and Beads by Susan to make and a no-brainer!  Love it!!  I will bind it with more scraps from my overflowing bins.

DGD's quilt has not made much progress but I finally have the fabric decided upon so I will start cutting strips and getting some blocks made.  It's a Strip Tube quilt in pinks, green, and violet.  Anyone know where I can get more of this green fabric?

The actual fabrics are similar so come back next week to see how far I've gotten (fingers crossed).  Thanks for checking in on go back to Judy's blog to see more great projects on Design Wall Monday.

Happy Stitching!


  1. As I said: I love my bday present! And need to get a decent picture of it as well. Thanks again! DO you have selvedge information on your green fabric? Anything: company or line of fabric?

  2. That baubles and beads pattern caught my eye too.

  3. I love your scrappy baby quilt. Really cute. Your birthday present is so special too. Since my BD is close to yous, do you think your BQFF would make me one too! LOL


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