Monday, January 20, 2014


I tried to post last Monday but Blogger was giving me fits.  I tried, waited, came back, tried again, and so on for most of the day.  Finally gave up.  Here is what I was going to show you...

(Whew, it worked!)  NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg created a star block while on the space station last year and International Quilt Festival is requesting quilters to submit a 9.5" star block variation.  These blocks will join Karen's block in a quilt which will be displayed in Houston in the fall of 2014.  Go here for more information.  I based my block on one designed by Wendy Sheppard ("Hurry Home", Love of Quilting, Jan/Feb 2014).  Had to hunt for my blue fabric - where did it all go?

I knew I had more blue fabric somewhere and found a UFO from Judy Laquidara (around 2009?) called Star BOM.  All the blocks were made and some even joined together.  Lots of extra blue fabric was in that box which gave me just what I needed for the star block above.  I was on a roll so I next tackled Judy's UFO.  The center part of the quilt is almost complete (more done since this picture was taken) and I'm now figuring out the borders.  It will be a King for our bed.

Stars in My Eyes

The "quilt" in the upper right is a Lil' Twister pattern for a Christmas wreath class that I taught at Delphine's (LQS) last November.  I made the traditional sample (red, green, and white) but during class I started to make this Autumn wreath to illustrate the method.  Finished cutting and sewing the pieces back together last week - it just needs some borders but I will need to shop for that fabric as (gasp) I don't seem to have any autumn prints.  The block in the upper left was a mistake from another project but I like it a lot so it may become something else.  Inspiration??

And finally, Quilter's Newsletter sent me a little blurb which included the free 2014 BOM called "Ooh-Rah".  Click here for the pattern.  It uses some lovely batik fabric with patriotic motifs by Island Batik.  Instead, I'm using the blue fabrics from my star quilt above.  It seems I have LOTS of blue fabric!!  All the blocks in the BOM are from old QN issues!!

That's what I've been up to in the last two weeks.  What have you been doing??  Linking up with Judy's DWM...

Happy Stitching,


  1. LOVE your blue star quilt top! And a king size!! Nice. All of your blue stars look great.

  2. Wow that star quilt is amazing! Glad you're finally get back to it. And a king size quilt, holy smokes, good for you!!

  3. Beautiful blues! And the Star quilt is so far along - it'll be done in no time! Have to get my act together and make a space star...

  4. Love the 'ooh-rah' block and the star quilt will be fabulous! ;-)


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