Monday, February 18, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Here we are again - Monday morning - and my applique quilt hasn't changed since last Monday.  However, I did decide to add a skinny orange border before the blue border.  The skinny border strips are cut so hopefully they will be done later today and you will see it next week.

I do have something to show however!!  The Wedding Quilt!!  DGD received the quilt on Friday and she and her hubby love it.  I am so happy that they are happy with it.  (click on the photos to enlarge and see the quilting!!)

(You can see the hearts in the upper right corner)

The heart block was designed by my friend Lisa, I designed the setting, and it was quilted by my friend Cathy - I asked for a simple, modern quilting pattern.  I am pleased with the result, and most importantly, DGD is happy!!  (sorry, Blogger won't rotate the photo)
Check back with Judy L's Design Wall Monday for some amazing quilts in progress. Until next week, Happy Stitching!! 


  1. Awesome!1 The photos are great--the quilt and the quilting are lovely.Pretty DGD!

  2. What a lovely gift for the newlyweds!

  3. It's a beauty - and she sure looks happy with it!

  4. what a great quilt for the new couple. I am sure they will use it a lot. well done.

  5. Love the quilt - just screams love, Valentines Day, weddings - I'm sure they'll treasure it forever !


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