Monday, November 11, 2013

Baby Gianna Has a Quilt

I am happy to report that Baby Gianna will have her quilt tomorrow.  It would have arrived today except that there is no mail today.

Remember Whooo Loves You!

Her name is quilted in the top border - date of birth, etc. on bottom border

Note flange on binding - great technique!

Meandering with hearts, bows, and squiggles

If you like the binding, go to Susie's Magic Binding Tutorial to see how.  It works really well and adds a little special something to the quilt.  Not only that, it's all done by machine!!

And to get you in the holiday mood, here's looking at our back yard this morning!  Third snowfall this fall with melting between.  Hmmm, wonder how long this one will last?  (Btw, northern Michigan and it's still snowing)

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Happy Stitching!!


  1. There. Are. No. Words!!! Snow already??? sigh Oh Michigan. Love that little baby quilt!!

  2. When I was growing up in Michigan, it always seemed like the first snow happened around my birthday (which was November). I know this shouldn't be surprising and yet, you really surprised me.

  3. Beautiful quilt....beautiful Michigan weather...just too soon! ;-)

  4. Gianna is such a lucky girl! And the snow is here now, too, mixed with rain. Arrgggh.

  5. Your quilt turned out great! She'll treasure it forever.
    Snow here too - pretty - but feels too soon for me

  6. What a great baby quilt!! Yes, I got the slide show :-) Thanks for persevering. I'll share it with Pat. She is a member of the HiHO guild! Did you know that she and I actually got to attend a retreat on Beaver Island with Gwen several years ago when I was a new quilter. What a great experience. I just love her. So glad you were able to attend.


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