Monday, July 21, 2014

Baby's Coming - Sew Faster!!

Baby Eli is due on August 14 and Great Aunt Judy is still sewing on his quilt.  I planned on having it done months ago - I actually started planning it in January.  But, here I am, madly trying to finish it - 24 days to go (sounds like a lot of time, maybe I can slow down...LOL).

If I had followed the pattern, I'm sure this project would have gone much more smoothly...I chose a border fabric, created a second quilt on the back, couldn't keep my lines straight (thanks Barb for helping me), sewed a strip that should have waited until a vertical strip was sewn first, blah, blah, blah.  I also should have appliqued the road sections before I sewed the rows together.  Result:  lots of unsewing and bad words.  Note to self:  Think this through!!

The pattern is Cars on the Road by Susan Marth and the fabric is Oink-a-Doodle-Moo by Jenn Ski.

Love this border print!!

Front - needs lots of hand work
Top section - of course a tractor and a fire truck

Bottom section - police car and another tractor
Back - panel and another fabric from the collection
Original pattern - note:  no border!

All in all, I am pleased and the end is in sight.  Not much else going on here - lovely weather.  Got in a little golf and a wonderful anniversary dinner on Friday night at the Douglas Lake Bar and Steakhouse in Pellston, MI.  Check out the wonderful work of other quilters on Judy's Design Wall Monday.  See you next week with the completed quilt (fingers crossed).
Happy Stitching,



  1. This is adorable. I wandered in from Pinterest and sew happy I did. Best wishes to the expectant baby mommy and daddy ... :) Pat

  2. It looks fabulous! Love the cars! Yeah for end in sight!!!!

  3. That is a darned cute quilt! I feel your pain when you keep having to go back and re-do pieces. I had all of that in making just one block this week. Exhausting. By the way, my vote is keep pressing on at full speed! Making a quilt, in my experience, always takes longer than we imagine!

  4. that quilt is going to be so wonderful - a family heirloom in the making!


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