Monday, September 8, 2014


Saturday was a sad day for the Big 10 and specifically for DH's alma mater Michigan.  I made this pillowcase for him on Sunday to bolster his spirits and perhaps sprinkle some good luck charms on the Wolverines!  The fabric was gifted by my BQFF Barb who knows how much DH loves his team.

Another project this week was block #9 in the Ooh Rah series (the beige part is the carpet - LOL) hosted by Quilters Newsletter.  This block is one of my favorites...the other 8 are shown below.
I think this will make a very attractive quilt for some deserving serviceman.
I've also been hand stitching the binding on my king size quilt - about 1/2 way around and about 200+ inches to go.
Hope you have a wonderful week full of happy stitching and no ripping!  Connecting up with Judy's Design Wall Monday where there are so many amazing ideas...
Have a good week,

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  1. As I said - love the pillow and hope it'll help for the next game!
    Your 8 blocks look fabulous - are you sure you will let them go for a charity quilt?


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