Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

We now have a beautiful sunny day and I'm taking it easy today.  We're going out to dinner with neighbors so my "rest" will extend through dinner.  My kind of day!!

I took this opportunity to take a picture of our flowering crab (?) tree in the garden.  I hope you can see the treed lot in the background.  We don't get much sun so we need to plant accordingly.  The tree is our big spot of color in the spring.

On the inside, I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing my studio - it's a BEFORE picture.  Who know's when the AFTER picture will be taken.  Believe it or not, I am doing some sewing and stitching.


  1. It's sunny here, too! And your before picture looks fine to me: as long as there is a little spot to sew - go for it!

  2. I'm with Barb! (in fact it does look familiar to me :-) You go girl!! So glad to see you here. And your sewing machine cover will be FAB!!


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