Friday, July 29, 2011

Busy in the Birds

We've had some busy days here in the Birds.  There has been interior painting, a trip to the oral surgeon for DH, me nursing DH (can you say mashed potatoes and gravy?), and getting ready for my classes that I will be teaching at Delphine's.  Today I worked the busy shift at the shop with my friend Kathy (busy shift = 10am - 3pm with the all-day gal).  Whew - we were busy!

When I came home I had a little 30 min. nap and then to the computer to see what's been happening in the world today.  To my happy surprise, on Delphine's blog no less, I see a darling quilt made by a lovely 14 year old named Alicyn.  Alicyn made the quilt that I designed back in 2006 for a shop hop.  Here is my version:

And here is Alicyn's version (shown here with Delphine):

Isn't it wonderful??!  I wish I had been in the store when she brought her quilt to show Delphine.  Alicyn added her own animals and wonderful fruit and veggie fabric.  I can't wait to see where her talent will take her.  Alicyn, you did a masterful job and I am so happy for you!  (click to enlarge)

I'm behind in my letter making but this weekend I have great plans for getting the house back to normal and then catching up on LMNOP.  I've decided to not be so exact in my letters and throwing my ruler away.  LIBERATION!!

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Sewing, Judy


  1. I remember seeing your beautiful Fairgrounds quilt at the show! That was shortly after we had met. Love Alycin's quilt - wow what an early start on quilting.

  2. Hey liberated lady! You've been a busy gal. Love those quilts. :-)

  3. That is so great to have a young girl take up quilting and then to do your pattern, which is so great.


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